Andre ` Leftwich

About the Every Merchant Network - Internet Marketing 2008 was a big year for my company—our official birth year. Having tremendous online marketing success with a few national brands and companies like Arthur Murray, and Insurance brands like Geico, Esurance and Nationwide, I began to realize that small and medium sized businesses needed and wanted to get online, but were too overwhelmed with all the logistics that come with running an online marketing campaign. And so The Every Merchant Network of 2000 plus vertical directories, search engines and social communities were created for our viral based search platform. With my vast experience and knowledge in online marketing and Enterprise SEO, we were able to take the guesswork out of online advertising and provide processes and solutions that are easy to use and affordable for small businesses. We simply target and capture Real People, that are Really Local looking for Real Products and Services. Though Every Merchant Media Network has only been around a short while, we have already produced impressive results for our large client base and have been recognized by other professional and industry leaders. and were recently recognized on a list of “Startups to Watch” in its spring 2009 issue. Looking forward, Every Merchant’s main goal is to continue helping small businesses forge ahead in the world of online marketing. With our talent, technology, and affordable solutions, we believe will become the household name in small-business online advertising.