Andrelia's Personal Touch Cateri

Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service

"A world class company that was created & tailored to serve you!"

The "A" in Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service can mean a bevy of great things ranging from "Awesome", both for the cook and the category of well prepared foods on the menu, to, "Amazing" tastes that tantalize and sooths any hungry palate to "Again" as in, clients are sure to return again and again, to recapture their one of a kind, eating experience found only at, "Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service!"

Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service promises each and every Client their very own, "once in a lifetime specialty and dining experience; from the tips of their tongues to the wiggling of their toes and aback again!

Clients of Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service makes it easy for you to place an order in every way possible and are glad that you choose to patronize us. For returning Clients, we are equally as glad to hear your kind voices and/or to see your smiling faces once again!

Choose from sumptuous, sizzling, down home cuisine to New York Deli specialty' items, to a captivating array of homemade desserts "to die for!" *Or, that will have you looking over your shoulder, to see if anyone is watching you – as you shamelessly "lick the plate!" Now that is what Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service is all about and then some!

Andrelia's Personal Touch Catering Service conveniently located in the heart of "Music City" (Nashville, TN) but the real music to your ears is the astounding array of menu items which are all homemade and prepared with care and precision. Chops, Chickens, Ribs, Ox Tails, Neck Bones, Beef and or, Pork Roast, Seafood and even Tofu & Vegetarian centered entrees. Veggies galore, hot time tested corn bread, dinner rolls, and oh my goodness – "the posh deserts!" Yummmmmmmmmm!!

Service granted by appointment only at this time * Thank You Very Much for allowing us to be a part of your event, occasion & dreams! ADG