andre mayes

Strategy and Operations Manager in California

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Logistics and supply chains are the stimuli that ignited my path into operational strategy planning and management consulting; forged during nearly 20 years of military service, molded by developing complicated logistics planning solutions in chaotic environments; all while fostering key global relationships that spanned across a dozen countries.

I am honored to serve as a Marine Warrant Officer, a technical specialist attending several leadership development institutes and advanced technical training programs concentrated in petroleum logistics operations. One of the greatest lessons that I learned over the years – To inspire people in a way that they will willingly follow you, one must lead from the front, possess technical proficiency, balance loyalties, and invest in the parallel development of the organization and its people.

To equip executive leadership with the tools necessary to complete a campaign, I developed the aptitude to understand the vision and formulate a strategy that delivered maximum benefit and mitigated risk while achieving desired results.

With a foundation centered on mission accomplishment and a leadership philosophy focused on people, I have a passion for strategic planning. I excel at leading and managing cross-functional teams to drive growth by developing creative solutions to complex challenges using analytics-based insights, innovation, and collaboration.

As I transition from serving our nation, I naturally gravitate toward business operations and development. My aim is to advise executive leadership once again in a consulting capacity with a firm seeking a strategic thinker committed to organizational excellence through dedication to stakeholders and customer satisfaction.

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Expertise: Strategy Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Value Streams, Operations Management, Process Improvement

  • Work
    • United States Marine Corps
  • Education
    • Southern New Hampshire University