Andrena Ritter

I'm a stay-at-home mom of one beautiful six year old. In lieu with the economy I lost my job about five or six years back, which has given me this wonderful opportunity to be home with my daughter. Some look at losing their job(s) as a curse. I look at this as a blessing. I have had some wonderful times with my daughter while learning the best ways to handle my money. I came to the realization that money and material items are not the fruit of life. It's what you give to your family and your community that is.

However, after losing my job shortly before the birth of my daughter I had put on some weight. My current goal is to lose those unwanted pounds while creating a link of friends through Team Beachbody. I hope all those that are ready to achieve the same goals contact me. I love having friends or workout acquaintances. It makes me feel accountable and keep hedging forward in my weight loss journey.