Andreo Gonzales

This my life

I was born to poor families at that time. When I was little I always wanted to be a pilot and I always hope that my parents always keep me up to grow up. My parents always say * you must be successful, and never forget your parents *. Time passed and passed, the more I grow and develop. Finally my father had a permanent job. My father continued to rise in rank. I am very proud to have a father like him. Along with the development of the era, I was too much to ask something to the parents. I even be people who are not good. I make so much negative activity and has begun to dare to parents. One day my dad had problems serious enough. The program office conducted one and my father threatened fired. Finally know that I started changing little by little. Finally I realized that parents are very important in my life. My parents said * grateful for this life, because it is God who has everything, even though we're worse we should not complain but be thankful to God *. I am very sorry for everything I do. Finally I tried to be a child better than ever. I want to try harder from now on, so that later became a successful person like what my parents tell me first. I also want happy both my parents and my sister and I would like according to, loyal to my Lord Jesus Christ. It is only in the Lord we surrender ... and Obey said the parents, because parents are very important And many thanks