André Lopes


I love setting up or running industry-specific disruptive businesses that aim to make life better and simpler for the user/end consumer.

I've held many hats within successful and less so startups I've worked in, ranging from setting go to market strategy and implementation, partnership building, hiring, raising funds, creating and managing sales teams and answering to the board/ being a part of the board.

Prior to startups I worked on the Real Estate Capital Markets Sector from 2007 to 2012 at leading companies such as CBRE and E&V dealing with large scale transactions and in 2012 moved to the startup ecosystem as a Co-Founder of Table & Friends, a restaurant reservation system which quickly achieved the mark of 4.000 restaurants available across Portugal, Spain and Italy later sold to, a leader in the Portuguese tourism sector.

Currently I am the Global Product Manager of the Insurance vertical at Compare Global Group, a Nova Founders portfolio company, already live across a total of 8 countries and with an ambitious plan of leading the comparison sector globally.

Photo Credit: Paulo Coelho, Diario Economico