Andres Avila

Charles John Huffam Dickens (Portsmouth , England, February 7, 1812 - Gads Hill Place, England, June 9, 1870 ) was a famous English novelist , one of the best known in world literature , and the master of the Victorian era . Was master of narrative genre , which printed a certain dose of humor and irony, while practicing a sharp social criticism. In his work are the descriptions of people and places, both real and imagined . He sometimes used the pseudonym Boz .

His novels and short stories enjoyed great popularity in the writer's life , and still are edited and adapted for film continuously . Dickens wrote serialized novels , the usual format for fiction at the time, for the simple reason that not everyone had the financial resources needed to buy a book, and every new installment of their stories was awaited with great enthusiasm for their readers , national and international . Dickens was and is still revered as a literary idol writers worldwide.1