Andres Haidar

Consultant & Executive Coach in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andres Haidar

Consultant & Executive Coach in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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I have more than 25 years of experience, transforming Organizations using InformationTechnology. Transformation that improves business processes, improves the way people work, produces greater agility in decision making, allows a better control based on quality information, helps reduce costs, and produces better results.

To succed on that Transformation, requires first to understand the challenges of each company, to understand how their business processes runs, how their people interact and work, who their Customers are and how they engage, how to differentiate from their competition, which trends are defining their industry.

This journey has been exciting and at the same time of continuous learning. Technology, with its accelerated cycles of innovation, demanded me continuous adaptation, paradigm shifts, constant updating to new ways of solving new and known challenges.

And as a tireless searcher for continuous improvement, I found myself increasingly involved in observing less tangible dimensions of the Companies, such as the Organizational Culture, the dynamics of work between different Teams and Areas, the communication models, the Decision-making processes, how the strategy was conceived and aligned within the Organization.

Thus over the years, by the nature of the different roles and responsibilities I assumed, by the different companies for which I worked for, from the smallest to the largest multinationals, with the different cultures that I relate, with the different Teams that I had opportunity to form and lead, with the successes and all the mistakes from I learned, I was integrating and developing a 360 degree view, that I now offer through CONSULTING, which consolidates and expanded with EXECUTIVE COACHING, and in areas such as Leadership I seek to share with TRAINING.

Extensive experiences on:

• Start Ups
• New Business Dev
• People Management & Team Building
• Project Management
• IT Advisory
• Sales & Marketing
• Channel Strategy

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