Andres Serna-Lopez

Atlanta, Georgia

My name is Andres Serna Lopez, I am a native of Colombia, South America. After moving to the United States fourteen years ago, I am now a senior at the University of Georgia. I am studying my native language, Spanish. I am by nature a very giving and caring individual. I believe that throughout my school career, many teachers have given me so much of their expertise and knowledge that I believe it is now time for me to return the favor. I hope to graduate soon and begin my professional career in the field of secondary education. Sigma Delta Pi, is the collegiate Spanish Honor Society of which I have the privilege of being a member of. Their motto captures my purpose in my professional career. "Spanías Didagéi Proágomen" I hope to influence young students to learn this wonderful language that will open their minds to a new world of possibilities. Moreover, it will prepare them for the global economy of our modern society. As a result, their mastery of the language will make it possible for the students to learn and participate in the rich cultural assets that the growing Hispanic population has brought to America.

  • Education
    • University of Georgia