Andres Hernandez

My name is Andres Hernandez I'm 19 years old, I'm isterested in a lot of things like my university I have many hobbies, two of them are photography and do exercise at the gym. I studied photography 1 year at Zona Cinco and I studied english at the Colombo Americano 3 semesters. In other way i don't like waking up early, I'm a little bit cranky but I consider that I'm tolerant and friendly with people around me also I'm very funny and extrovert.

My strengths in english are that I like it, I really like it for that reason I can write it very well, to me is a little bit easy speak with others. My weakness could be listening, maybe when the other person speaks too fast.

I could suggest talk all the time in english because we can improve our listening and comunication faster also I recommend use IPA to improve our pronunciation cause is really important to us