Andres Bayertz

Student and Artist in Montpellier, France

Work out with me

I am a rationalist. Facts, Images, Ideas and behaviour of people andorganizationsare what I constantly absorb and it became the main part of my knowledge.My major studies are marketing and management and additionally, I pursue European economics.In my work-life i am focused on ideas and innovations. I have talents in multiple fields and innovation is the intersection of two or more fields of capability. Emilie Wapnick from TED talk calls what I am a “multipotentialite”. This means I can score the second place in a business taxation competition and design tattoos for my friends. I can win a rowing race with strength and compete a marathon with endurance. Travel the world as a fashion model or go skateboarding down the island of Krete with 20 euros in my pocket. I Give graffiti classes to kids in a school or organize someone to teach me corporate finance on the other hand.I am a graduated wholesale and foreign trade assistant, I was working in fashion, being a research assistant and the chairman of the student assembly council of business administration at my home university. During all these work-positions I got used to working in teams with very different aims. Either it was to increase sales, improving circumstances for fellow students or flawlessly running a fashion-show. Teamwork turned out to be essential to get me where I want to be in the end of all these processes. Collaborating effectively in the office, receiving a degree, or getting a rowing boat over the finish line, takes a certain team-spirit and leadership to be successful.Talking about teams and people I like to work with, I can mention great experiences. In my past work environment, I found myself among people with smart ideas, disciplined work attitude, and some healthy competition – and that’s what I’m looking forward to.My international studies and my traveling to almost every continent brought mecloser to cultures around the world and woke my interest to working internationally in the future. My positive attitude to life I owe to my best friend who is physically disabled since an accident we had as teenagers. We kept a challenging but more than everything valuable friendship changing from one moment to another from skateboarding and painting to cooking, collecting and traveling together. It taught me to always be on the hunt for new projects and adventures even if life puts you in front of spontaneous changes.