Andrés Boedo


My company:

I'm an expert django developer with years of experience in different kinds of projects, looking for innovative projects to implement.

I worked as the team-leader / software architect at a company named Smartway for over 2 years, and I've done a few iOS apps, both in Objective-C and Swift.

I founded BeKode, a company that specializes in web & mobile solutions. Our main focus is to deliver great user experiences, and to make every part of our development process transparent to our clients. We strongly believe that making our clients feel like a part of our team leads to projects being satisfying and fun for everyone.

Even though my specialties are django and iOS, I have professional experience in:

* Python
* Django
* javascript + jQuery
* CSS3 + Bootstrap
* Linux
* Amazon Web Services
* Heroku
* Objective C
* Swift
* Java

I'm also a perfectionist by nature, and can't sleep soundly until I feel that anyone would love to use my software.

Above all, I love learning new things and making software that inspires awe amongst its users.

Feel free to contact me with any doubts, or simply just to chat!

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