Andres Caicedo

Attorney in Bogotá, Colombia

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my name is Andres Felipe Caicedo Guerrero. I live in Bogotá Colombia. I was born on may 30 of the year 2000, I am 15 years old I live with my mom Carmen Cecilia Guerrero,my dad Edgar Ricardo Caicedo, and my brother Juan David Caicedo Guerrero, study in the school Usaquén with my brother, am in grade 11, in my free time I like to discover new things on the internet, playing football and listening to music. I like hip-hop, rock and metal. I am a person charismatic, energetic, responsible and determined, I like to communicate with people and be social. My life goals are, studying law at a good university, acquare experience and have a good economic stability, learn english perfectly to visit diferent parts of the world and not having communication problems. I do not think for the moment married or form a family, I prefer things to be a little easier to achieve my goals.