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Hello, my name is Andre Schäfer and I'm a Search engine optimization expert, living in Kronach, Germany.

My interests range from animals, music to design and entrepreneurship.

I've started with website optimization and digital marketing back in 2013, building small local websites for lawyers and helping businesses to rank and bank in the search engine, while working on my own, money generating, websites.

Back in 2014 in began to work for an agency called "On The Mark Local Marketing" in Toronto, mainly helping them to set their, and clients, SEO efforts on fire. We served businesses such as lawyers, real estate agents, roofers & much more. Our company quickly gained the #1 Title as Toronto SEO Experts in middle of 2014.

2017, I've decided to form my own agency due to the massive results I have brought to clients.

As today, We provide services such as reputation management, social account creation, management, search engine optimization and much more to customers in Germany. Our locations are currently Kronach and München, with future plannings to expand even further.

If you want to know more about Me and my Business, feel free to click the button above to visit our website. Also, visit my social profiles below for more information.



- I was born and raised in Germany.

- Born: 1990

- I've always been a computer nerd since the Age of ~9.

- This might helped me, or maybe not, while starting out.

- Likes to randomly rank websites with crap, or almost none, content just to beat other companies :-).

- Had 3 cats.

- Find's funny cat pictures funny. lol.

- Once had an eCommerce (online shop) selling stainless steel parts for construction on eBay. (If I knew how to properly optimize at that time, might as well have massive success with my own website.... eBay and it's commission.)



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