Andres Clari

Hi, I'm Andres Clari founder of SteelCode Consulting.

I'm a mobile and web developer.

I've been programming since '95, invested a lot of time in desktop applications, and artificial intelligence related research. In 2005 I worked as a graphical designer, where I learnt the power and the difference a well thought user interface can have and also how important it is to code them properly and efficiently.

Currently we specialize in Mobile applications for the Windows Phone and Android platforms, Web Apps, front-end and backend development using top of the line technologies such as HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript and PHP while writing clean and SEO efficient code. And we also do WordPress theme customizations and I offer mobile development and design sevices for the Windows Phone and Android platform, both native and web based.

My personal projects include several Windows Phone apps, Android apps, and few web applications (you'll know about them soon), although my professional work keeps my days pretty busy.

I'm also enroled in several learn on distance programs from universities such as Standford and Berkeley, as I like to keep improving in both my professional field and others such as medicine.