Andre Tournier

I started with computers along the lines of DEC/PDP 11-23s and word processing was done via a terminal and Comp80. I got promoted to Photo-technician and scanner operator which lead to JCL and COBOL. Moved to up to Oregon and studied more COBOL and BASIC. While trained as a programmer, IT jobs were pretty scarce so I went to work for US Bank as a Loan Adjuster. I transitioned through a few roles in my tenure there; Computer Operations, support and working with Desk Top databases, notably Paradox and Access 2 for Windows. I joined Freightliner where Access was replaced by MS SQL 6.0 for the data portion. From there it was on through the various versions of MS Basic to Visual Basic to Visual C#. Now I'm on board with the Windows 8 Server TAP, working mostly with SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 7, .net and a variety of other technology. It was simpler with the DEC, paper tape and punch cards, but now it is a whole lot more fun.