Andrés de la Cruz

Berlin, Germany

He refuses to be called a photographer, he is just someone who was lucky enough to bring his camera at certain moments. His best pictures yet are those locked in his memory; he has been told he has a very good eye for photography, ironic since he is short-sighted. But it couldn’t be other way; life has been nothing but irony for him.

Born in the 70's and against them, his origins are uncertain, he was born as, talks and behaves like...but he doesn't look like a Mexican (so he's been told). On his free time, by consensus of 12 wise men, he used to tyrannize a small island lost in the vast oceans of the greatest but foremost unknown imaginary collective. In the absence of obedience or good sense from his subjects, he decided to exile himself into the once capital of the Prussian Kingdom.

Lost in a whirlwind of words, it might be difficult to understand what he is saying, but he seriously means it.

You will probably find him thinking about the song that suits the best for the moment and is always willing to listen to new things. He keeps telling himself "Life without music is emptiness", but that is another story…