Andres Cante

My name is Andres Felipe Cante I am studying exterior trade in the university ecci,It is my interests to manage to be a professional in international business, Often due to the fact that one itself puts on the obstacles , Qualities: honest, responsible, diciplinado, punctual, seriousFaults: badly genius, stress, laziness.

My personality: I am a smart person, cheerful, kind, honest, responsible and disciplined, I am very abundant and I like everything that has to do with business.

My Strengths and Weaknesses at English: my strength in English is that you listen to it and talk but my weakness in English is that you sometimes not me is some words or I forget how you write.

The Methodology that I suggest for learn English: The methodology that I propose for the English is to put me to study every day and learn me three daily words with their meaning, also listen more music in English and watch movies in English.