Andre Simms

Milwaukee, WI

Andre M. Simms comes from an international background. As the son of parents from two nations, Brazil and the United States, Andre spent his childhood traveling the world. These experiences shaped how he perceives and appreciates everything around him.

Andre’s work has covered many subjects. Since he started shooting 10 years ago, he has worked with many people; from couples celebrating their wedding and performing artists on stage to political leaders changing the face of our city, Andre has had a wide variety of clients. According to him, the experiences he gains at his day job, working in local government have impacted his photography.

As a result, the core of Andre’s work, focuses on two major areas; political photography and street photography. Andre says that he has a deep appreciation for the work that creates the context for street photography. From his perspective, he sees the connection between campaigns and the streets on which the scenes are set.

An ongoing project of his has been to capture street scenes in his home town of Milwaukee, by creating long exposure images. In his portfolio, you will see richly saturated colors and light painting created by people using their city at night. This is Andre's favorite way of sharing how he sees the city.

  • Work
    • Freelance Photographer
  • Education
    • Master's of Business Administration, Bachelor's of Political Science