Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda

highly experienced professional in Venezuela

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Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is a seasoned professional with a broad spectrum of expertise that includes importing, marketing and sales, and management of major brands. Today, he is the President of Lits Group INC, a company incorporated in Panama that provides services such as tax planning, management of third-party funds, outsourcing logistics operations, and much more in order to help businesses manage their finances. He is also part of the IG Capital de Valores Directive.

Prior to his current roles, he served as the CEO of Finalca Casa de Bolsa, where he optimized financial products, ensured high service quality, and supervised sales advisers.

After graduating from the Universidad Santa María, a private university in Venezuela, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda began a position in which he was responsible for the representation and distribution of several luxury auto brands—BMW (BMW Motorrad), Peugeot, and Ducati (Ducati Motor Holding)—to Venezuela. When ownership of the BMW brand transferred to the Bavarian Auto Group, Andres was hired to oversee its general management needs and to manage relations between their Venezuelan offices and German headquarters. He was a key officer for Bavarian Auto Group and was instrumental in introducing its MINI brand to Venezuela.

While playing an important role in the Bavarian Auto Group’s Venezuelan operations, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda balanced his professional duties with his educational aspirations and pursued specialized studies in marketing in Manchester, UK. He has also taken a number of sales courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is also the Director of D-Bike CA, a representative and distributor of a number of prestigious outdoor and sporting goods brands, like Cervelo, Kona, Castelli, and more, to the Venezuelan market. D-Bike has also sponsored athletes in many cycling-related competitions for more than 12 years. This position allows Andres to blend his passion for sales and marketing with his love of adventure sports such as cycling, motocross, triathlons, snowboarding, and golf.

Beyond the office, Andres Manuel Olivares Miranda is a lover of animals and supports efforts to protect and conserve wildlife around the globe. Of particular interest to him is the preservation of the endangered African rhinoceros. He believes that now more than ever, it is crucial that we stand to protect diverse animal species, prevent their endangerment or extinc

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