Andres Pinate


Kyosei is a Japanese word meaning "spirit of cooperation." Encourages individuals and organizations to live and work together for the common good.

I´m a marketeer by nature, specialist in innovation in product and brand management.

Collaborated with more than 100 projects. In addition I´ve works as a coach and mentor for sales and innovation teams. As an international speaker.

Do you need a marketing professional who can boost your company, products and services among the leaders in your industry ? Who can work with new technologies and innovative ideas? With digital marketing and app´s expertise? Including consumer electronic management experience?

If so please contact me. :-)

>> Topics for conferences, seminars and workshops:

• Brand and category management with global experience.
• Product development in consumer electronics.
• Successful experience in digital marketing and social media.
• Marketing for urban transport operators and cities.
• Management and development of websites and APP´s,
• Innovative and entrepeneur startup experience.

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