Andrés Pozas

Consultant and Teacher in Barcelona, Spain

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Founder of the place where industrial design, graphic design, customer trends and studies meet with companies needs, marketing and internationalisation. You can contact me at

Teacher in a vocational training center close to Barcelona, in international marketing and purchasing

Country Manager for Catalonia and Aragon area in Spain of the Belgian consultancy IDP Partenariat on European fundings

Collaborating with ACCIO the Catalan agency for companies competition. After several years of experience in the areas of purchasing and operations in the industries of security, biotechnology and furniture's design as well as in the areas of sales and business development in the pharmaceutical industry and logistic's health care industry; I have gone a step forward and nowadays I am working as International Trade and Marketing for the Catalan Governmental Agency ACC10 and the companies' association Foment Nacional del Treball, both with Headquarter's in Barcelona.

I have a good record of savings in purchasing and in operations as well as an excellent increase of sales in new markets.

I positionate products in the global market like in the US, South America, Europe and Middle East. I.e. Sales of eighty thousand Euro in a month. On line and net positioning of products and brands. Helping other companies in new market approach and positioning their brand in new fields to get a quick return on investment.

Professional with wide experience in purchasing and logistics together with sales and business development experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological - laboratory, furniture and security sectors in Spain and other European countries. Interested in new professional challenges.

Open to new collaborations.

Other positions in Purchasing and logistics as well as strategic selling and organisational changes for several type of companies contributing with innovative solutions to market changes.

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  • Work
    • Barcelona
  • Education
    • International Marketing and Purchasing Course
    • Master in Logistics and Operations
    • Master in Public Management
    • Studies in Business Administration
    • Bachelor in Arts (Modern History)