Andrés Rodríguez-Seijo

researcher, science, and soil in Vigo, España

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I just read my PhD Thesis in soil science at Universidade de Vigo (Spain), entitled "Multianalytical approach to assess the soil contamination by lead".

I worked with phytoremediation strategies, application of lead isotopes as tracers in urban soils and ecotoxicological techniques to assess pollution in shooting ranges soils.

Also, I worked with polluted soils of Pb/Zn mines and Serpentine quarry soils, where I studied limiting factors for revegetation.

Ecotoxicological techniques were learned in a predoctoral stay with Dra Ruth María de Oliveira Pereira (Universidade do Porto) where I worked with polluted shooting range soils and application of microplastics in earthworms to assess a new pollutant.

In last 3 years, I've been published or participated about 12 SCI articles.

Google Scholar profile here and researchgate profile here

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