Andrés Treviño

Some people call stem cell research “the Holy Grail” of medicine. Stem cells have two unique qualities: They can make endless copies of themselves and they can mature into a variety of specialized cells--from skin, muscle and blood to liver, lungs and heart. This potential to be transformed into any cell type in the body means that one day, patients could receive healthy new cells or tissues to replace diseased ones.

Andrés L. Treviño is a fundraiser at Children’s Hospital Boston, and is a frequent spokesman for stem cell research. He’s been invited to present his story by a number of businesses and institutions, including classes at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He has a business and sales background as well as web publishing and marketing experience. He kept a blog during his son Andy’s six-year journey from terminal illness to cure. The book Andy & Sofia - stem cells, scientific miracles and "one fit savior" is a memoir of that journey. Available via Amazon at