Andrew Ajube

Andrew Ajube

· Master in Telecommunication Engineering (1st)

· Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications

· Infinite love for mathematical based notions

· Passionate about track and field

As a recent graduate, my current mission is to show younger generations what a beautiful language is mathematics. Being one of the “lucky” people who manages to find a way to interpret mathematics, I am fascinated to see it everywhere around us. My aim is to help other people see what I see, because languages are powerful.

I speak Italian, English and Serbian, allowing me to speak to nearly 430 million people, which is great. However, maths is 1 of the 3 universal languages; whichever corner of the world you will find yourself one day, you will be able to interact with anyone with this tool.

430 million people against 7 billion people!

The other 2 universal languages, in case you were wondering, are love (cheesy!) and dancing. I don’t think I can teach you how to love but I can definitely teach you how to dance, having hosted and being the central role of performance shows throughout my life.

Energy and smile are the rules by which I live every day and I believe that if I apply them to what I like, the results will be magnificent. Maths is my current target.

Do contact me if any of this sounds interesting to you, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, or if you simply want to have a chat (perhaps about dance classes).

I am open to anything!