Andrew Ashling

I started writing in January 2009. All my novels contain male on male action, often very explicit. You could call them gay, slash, yaoi, m/m-romance, though none of those terms define them accurately.
I have no great literary ambitions. I just tell stories, and I try to do it as good as I can, hoping other people will enjoy reading them.
Most of them have explicit scenes in them, often of a rather kinky nature. But they're only the raisins in the pudding, because — as I already said — I actually enjoy telling stories. That means there always is a plot, or, more often, several plots.
I love exploring what makes people tick, what makes them do the often quirky things they do. Also, I enjoy playing with expectations, boundaries, taboos even.
I'm a self publisher by choice.

My most recent project is a historical fantasy series.

Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse.
The first trilogy is called The Invisible Chains and consists of Bonds of Hate, Bonds of Fear and Bonds of Blood.

The first TWELVE chapters (60,000+ words) are available as a FREE read on my website.