Andrew Basile

North West Indiana


This is suppposed to be a site about me and so I will tell you a little about myself.

I've grown up in North West indiana, and spent the majority of my life here. Its a beautiful place to grow up. small cities, solidly middle class and close enough to Chicago to get the full effect of city living without the drawbacks of city living. I was raised by my wonderful father and loving stepmother, who have helped me create my identity and my opinions, as well as teach me the idea that not everything is black and white.

My educational background is in Bio-Anthropology, a huge word for the study of people, I studied the genetics and biological similarities of humans as a species and can say I have become an excellent people watcher.

Currently I work as a librarian, for two libraries, one at a local elmentary school. The second is at the public library. Both jobs I love tremendously, even though they may not pay me nearly enough, but what job does. I also am a free lance restorationist for a few local museums as well as local collections hoping to some day hit it big at a big museum.

My personal life, well, I like long walks, cool Autum days, a few drinks with ...wait wrong site well my personal life is slightly off the beaten path at the moment but I'm quite content with it, so I won't put much more about it here.

If you want to know more read my blog.

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