Andrew Benjamin

Andrew Benjamin, 28, sings like an angel. An angel who has spent a few nights out on the drink. His classical training goes only so far as to let him voice his music the way he likes it.

"Tormented, joyous, souring, lyric" are all adjectives you could use to box his sound but he wouldn't mind either way. You get the feeling Andrew does it for the love of music, and it would seem music loves him back. His personality is big off stage and intimate on, if you asked him he would say "there's no other thing I was put on earth to do".

It's not often music makes room for a solo singer and his guitar, but when she does you are delivered people like Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. Andrew Benjamin carries this tradition on with a voice unlike any other. If you are yet to hear him sing you have at least one thing to look forward to, and if you have... then you know his voice speaks for itself.