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Andrew Buck

New York, New York, United States

My passion in life is making a meaningful difference. I'm driven by challenges, social justice, and I thrive on making a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of people and organizations. In short, I'm more than what you see on my résumé.

Professionally, I am a veteran of technology and Project/Program/Portfolio Management, and author of "(Not) PMO-in-a-Can". My experience covers a wide assortment of the Fortune 500, including Financials, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Utilities, and Professional Services. I've had extensive background across the entirety of the Product and Technology Lifecycle. I solve business challenges for organizations.

If you found this page and are seeking a talented professional who enjoys and excels at transformational change, including implementing process excellence and improving strategic project outcomes, let's talk! Download my resumé, jot down my number, and let's connect.

  • Work
    • Morgan Stanley