Andrew Campbell

Consultant, coach, and entrepreneur in Oxford, United Kingdom

Andrew Campbell

Consultant, coach, and entrepreneur in Oxford, United Kingdom

Initially, I trained in the British Civil Service and Oxford University, where, in 1974 my work was published. I then took a 4-year sabbatical in the shape of a joint honours degree in Fine Art and History of Art 1/1.

In 1997 I began applying creative process in society and business contexts as gaining mastery in 'complexity' - a difference that made a difference,' i.e., qualitative re-adjustments to emerging realities.

I have global influence, from Taipei to British Columbia, London to San Francisco. I am an author & commissioning editor at Integral Review and the sister publication Integral Leadership Review.

My art has been exhibited at Oxford University, the Royal College of Art, MOMA Oxford and other venues and galleries.

A contributor to the Presencing Institute project, I was for nine years collaborator with C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, and W. Brian Arthur - Silicon Valley's economics 'guru'.

While midwife to REOS Partners in London, as it acrimoniously split from Generon I worked for a year with Mustafa Suleyman CBE, co-founder of Google's 'DeepMind'.

After leaving REOS I co-initiated a sustainability 'think tank' in the South of France with a former head of sustainability at energy giant Royal Dutch Shell.

I teach 'Deep Creativity' - i.e., how we can operate from the same source/dynamic that Nature does, healing what is fragmented and badly broken at all levels in culture and nature.

In 1997 I chose not to pursue the acquisition of 'personal wealth', 'power positions' and owning 'stuff'. As opportunities arise, I support people, small projects and charities by donating money, time and expertise. In Integral Accounting terms, I have donated around 3.4 million pounds - 'True Value' like life, is priceless.

I have worked with global corporates, SME's and individuals, as well as teams from The House of Commons, acting as 'personal adviser' to senior cabinet-level politicians & with connections to the White House at key moments.

A lovely example is Basu ( left) a Nepalese street orphan from the age of about 4. Now he works under the compassionate eyes of 'uncle' Kailash (top panel) - set on freeing children like those in the lower panels from the scourge of 'modern slavery', Kailash was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

A highpoint in my professional career was a note from Ilya Prigogine - Al Gore's chief climate science adviser, saying I was on the right path in my understanding of 'increasing complexity' i.e., the fine messes we are in.

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