Andrew Elliott

Virginia Beach for now

I am from the mountains of southwest Virginia/East Tennessee, was a Counselor at Camp Seagull in N.C, went to Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, Va. Studied at Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Intermont College, Emory and Henry College, Thomas Edison State College.

Loves: Jesus, Hiking, Skiing, Biking, Writing, Sailing, Oil Painting, Family, Travelling, Wasting time outdoors in almost any fashion, The World is my playground, Peace......

Christian Author, Lover of Jesus, Husband and father of the awesome three,

20+ year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Tug Boat Captain,

In the midst of a mental breakdown, there is one you can call on, and that one is God. When you call out, He will respond, as He did to me. He is kind and loving, unlike the portrayed God from the past that was full of vengeance, and spite. He changed my life in a split second, and opened my eyes to a new world. A spiritual awakening, a re-birth of the soul, saved from the wrongs I have done and done to me.

If you take the time, you will see where He has been with you your entire life, through the tough and harsh times where you thought you were alone in your pain, He was there when you celebrated every victory and He was there for every failure. He will be there until we are dead from this world. He is the potter we are the clay, He has molded us and continues to mold us throughout our lives. If He were to take his hands of for just a second while we are being molded we would collapse and He would have to start a new piece. We are perfect in Him, and He in us. Let Him take the reins of your life and let go of trying to do this by yourself. I found the more i take back control, the more I mess it all up. It is not about the money, or the conquests, it is about the journey we take with Him at the Helm. In Jesus mighty name.

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