Andrew Gates

Energetic, work hard, learn fast. My goals require a lot of hard work, researching & coffee. As a developer, I start with a clear vision of what the technology can do and determine paths to take it to the next level. I believe in accessible, standards-compliant, natural UI flow and design perfection. Focus on high-quality, leading innovation and excellent user support. By nature, I fix things (broken or not.) My techniques are proactive. I believe a good system is able to identify and eradicate issues before they take place. Interfaces, especially, are a reflection of their creator and client's personality - something I take very seriously.

I have an interest in CMS and have gotten familiar with many products over the years. For a decade now, I've been crafting HTML and mastering CSS wizardry. Over four years within The University of Toledo's Information Engineering/Computer Science offerings, I concentrated on web application technologies.