Andrew Haugen

Years ago a boy left the desert in search of knowledge and power. He raced towards the setting sun through the unforgiving concrete jungles of Suthron Kalifornya then north along the crushing waves of the Pasifik Ocean. Amidst the rolling hills of San Lewis he found a little-known bastion of wisdom known as The University. There he trained under the Polytechnik Professors in the biological arts and vinification. By night the boy would join fellow students to imbibe liquid materia medica and revel in the moonlight. Alas, this dream was shattered by a cruel trick known as Grajuashun, wherein The University's aristocracy gives students a worthless scroll and exiles them from the realm. Upon leaving the safety of The University the boy was pursued by the evil forces of Stew Dentloans. With options dwindling and Stew Dentloans' agents drawing ever closer it became clear that the desert of youth could be an oasis for reflection and rejuvenation. 8 years have passed since the boy first left the desert...the fates are not without a sense of irony...and history, it would seem, is cyclical. This time, however, the boy is become man. The world trembles before his reawakening. Let him ride once more upon the winds of destiny!