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Andrew Hamilton Nottingham

Consultant in Nottingham, United Kingdom

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Demonstrating a sincere commitment to achieving goals and surpassing objectives, Andrew Hamilton has shown professionalism throughout his career life. His impressive communication skills have allowed him to articulate the values and objectives of every organization he has been a part of. Andrew has remarkable inspirational leadership qualities in addition to a great ability to manage challenging behavior most effectively.

Since January 2017, Andrew Hamilton has been the Area Volunteer Coordinator at Oxfam GB, a leading UK charity that has been fighting global poverty with a presence in over 90 countries. The organization endeavors to end the injustices known to cause poverty. His volunteer work with the organization has entailed that Andrew creates an induction pack for store-based volunteers across the charity’s 21 stores. He has also had to plan, deliver, and train volunteers about online sales. Serving as a public speaker for Oxfam, Andrew visits schools and groups to make them aware of the efforts of the organization to end poverty on a global scale, enabling them to participate in the organization’s programs or contribute to its cause.

Tirelessly, Andrew Hamilton has worked with shop managers and identified volunteer recruitment needs. He has organized well-attended recruitment events. He has also created volunteer recruitment plans for the charity’s stores. Aside from conducting ongoing mentoring, he has also ensured the delivery and preparation of volunteer inductions to expand the charity’s presence even more.

Andrew Hamilton has been the Locum Training Manager at Captivating Media Ltd. since August 2016. This role has put him in charge of delivering advice on rail safety and casual art display work. He has also planned and delivered training packages to ensure smooth transitions, assimilation, and onboarding of new employees.

From January 2008 until August 2016, Andrew Hamilton was with the British Transport Police and Lincolnshire as a Police Officer. He served as a Tutor Constable in charge of training and inducting new officers into their role, which required him to devise individual learning plans.