Andrew Jacobson

Student and Columnist in Boston, Massachusetts

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Hi, my name is Andrew. I'm a sophomore at Brandeis intending to study Economics and Intellectual History. This summer I'm looking for opportunities in the world of think tanks. More on that below.

My chief aspiration in life is to become a good thinker. To reach such a point, I want to engage with powerful questions and ideas in ethics, economics, politics, and philosophy, as well as their intersection. In order to grow intellectually, I understand that I must be challenged. For that reason, I want to work in a think-tank this summer, conducting research and composing analyses with those much smarter and experienced than me. During this experience, it is my hope to improve my understanding of such issues, develop a more clear conception of my views, and subsequently have them challenged, disputed, and discussed. One of my ultimate goals, beyond intellectual growth, is to learn about myself.

Additionally, I'm currently and always seeking opportunities to help others. If I can help you in any way, please reach out.

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