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Andrew Kolb

A successful digital marketer, currently working in the advertising industry, with over 5 years experience in Digital Strategy and Direct Marketing.

I have a real passion for everything digital, I enjoy seeing interactive campaigns bring positive results for clients and how digital, specifically social media, can play a major role in how brands are now engaging with consumers.

In my role as a digital strategist I get a kick out of seeing new trends and new technology and am constantly thinking of how these can be involved in clients marketing strategy. I am passionate about developing digital platforms that work in engaging with audiences and can build online communities that are used by brands to create real conversations. It is also important in what I do that I turn these into results for clients and give them real benefits.

I also enjoy working closely with everyone in the agency, from Account Management to Creative, it is important to me that everyone has a strong understanding of digital strategy and can confidently talk about it. I am hands on and work closely with our digital producer to ensure that project timelines are met.

Currently I am teaching a Digital Strategy course with AdSchool which I really enjoy helping people understand digital strategy better and how it can benefit them and their brand.