∆ndrew Clayton Lindner

Longmont, Colorado

In 2011 I went to school for computer science at Red Rocks. After one semester and getting a few freelance website design and development gigs, I realized that the practices I was being taught were bias and/or outdated. I found that in such a dynamic industry your sources for education need to be current.

So, I decided to continue my education online utilizing, many different resources such as TeamTreehouse.com, Lynda.com, CodeAcademy and endless others.

Now I am mainly working with WordPress and I have spent the last year learning about the possibilities WordPress provides all built into its core.

Along the way I have learned so much, from SEO and marketing strategy to back end development.

Everyday I'm learning and adding to the repository that is my brain, and loving it...


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    • WordPress Developer
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    • TeamTreehosue
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