With stints at Ocean Style Magazine and under his belt, Manswell is a leader in the technology field - quenching his thirst for creativity and leading the way in new media techniques that can bring value to an organisation in a way only he knows best.

Andrew Manswell is a webmaster with over 16 years experience in this dynamic field. He hopes to one day become a mastermind behind his own web design firm and formerly worked with one of the leading television stations in T&T; - the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG) now at the # 1 media house in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Communications Network (CCN TV6 and Trinidad Express) in the Group Digital Media Department.

After spending his time at educational institutions such Rosary Boys RC, Diego Martin Junior Secondary, St. James Secondary, Polytechnical Institute, BorderCom International and at the School of Accounting and Management the 36 year old says webmastering was an area he fell into "by chance".

At the time, he admits he saw the potential and possibilities and jumped headfirst into the limitless pool, never looking back.

To date, he says the most outstanding part of his career has been the hosting of the TSTT's Blink Tech Combat - a gameshow tailored for Form Four students of secondary schools with a love for Information Technology.

Manswell's talents are also apparent in the show and one can see this as he takes the children through each level with precision and endurance.