Andrew Martello


Andrew Martello, United Kingdom, CEO, Spoonful of Sugar

Andrew Martello is co-founder & CEO of Spoonful of Sugar (SoS). He leads an expert team developing academically-led adherence consultancy and evidence-based adherence solutions to global healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry. SoS is a University College London spinout company that applies the learnings of a 15-year research programme in behavioural medicine, specifically, how patients engage with long-term illnesses and treatment. Over the past five years, Andrew has been directly involved in the planning and implementation of multi-country adherence and patient support programmes utilising the latest research into illness and medicines-related behaviour. As part of this work, Andrew has led the development of proprietary software designed to diagnose and treat both perceptual and practical barriers to optimal adherence at an individual patient level. Passionate about the role of digital technology in changing health behaviours, Andrew’s main interest is the role of personalised medicine, from both a clinical and psychological perspective and its real world application. Prior to founding SoS, Andrew spent over ten years working for and consulting with the pharmaceutical industry, predominantly in HIV medicine. Much of his work in this field focused on the development of strategies supporting a greater understanding of the patient’s perspective throughout the drug development and product lifestyle pathway. This included the development of novel formulations and devices, packaging and support services to optimise the use of medicines. This work not only focused on the developed world but also included innovative strategies to widen access to medicines throughout the developing world. Andrew’s previous assignments have been with GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Novartis and Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals.

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