Andrew Mowat

Professionally, I have accrued over 22 years working with people of all ages in the education sector, with many and varied contexts (mainstream, primary, secondary, TAFE, Koorie) and roles (student welfare, technology leadership, school leadership). The last 6 years of my time in education were spent as a school principal. Here, strong emotional intelligence and people skills were expressed towards providing inspirational and instructional leadership in a complex setting. Through this, I created a learning and improvement culture and facilitated individual potential and organizational capacity.

My move into coaching in 2004 allowed me to focus my capacity to engage others in their own growth. Since then, I have built a strong 'portfolio' of executive and leadership coaching and coach training. Indeed, training others to coach has deepened my own understanding and skill in coaching itself. I now coach, particularly in the field of organizational leadership, and train coaches throughout Australia and the United Kingdom

I am a Principal Partner in Group 8 Education. Here, we focus on helping transform organizational cultures into places where all thrive. Based on brain-based coaching, we teach leaders how to engage themselves and others in growth and adaptation.

I am also an Associate Partner in Infinity Labs, heading up the Infinity Learning business unit. Here, we provision world class learning technologies and learning management systems to schools, and provide the strategic and behavioural pathway in engaging teachers in technology change.

Through this journey as a professional coach, trainer, public speaker and author my passion for people and their potential has deeper clarity and purpose. My background, training and experience all serve to allow a strong and committed connection with organizations and individuals. Via this connection, and with the use of strong coaching systems and tools, coachees and participants experience focus, reflection, humour, growth and learning. My training immerses participants in the methodology, giving real and experiential learning to the challenge of stepping away from our default and inefficient communications styles.

Audiences enjoy and gain much from my speaking engagements, where I connect through the story emerging from leadership, neuroscience and coaching. Humour, translating the science and connecting the message to people's own experience are hallmarks of my style.