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Andrew Planet

Gardener and Volunteer in Gibraltar, United Kingdom

My life is nicely complex so let me build up from the basics.

I'm a gardener & general handy person at Gibraltar Fine Arts Gallery/Gibraltar Garrison Library, currently living in Gibraltar, United Kingdom but would rather live somewhere else. preferably near a large city. I also research at the Garrison Library & have a pot garden at both venues of plants which are my property. I specialise in easy maintenance all season blooms

For me all tech is derived from evolution & so is all inclusively biotech of an extended phenotype . I am also interested in space exploration/ astronomy. I am especially interested in substantive based belief & how that differs from belief systems in the past. Something that makes me different from the majority of everyone else is my belief of having bilateral descent systems, as in women handing down a matrilineal surname to their daughter . By far most people have a gens based lineal system & are not even aware of it. This belief is well balanced because I think men should continue to pass on their surname to sons.

On the other hand, admittedly sounding perhaps paradoxical, many people think I am a mind reader but I'd rather say I'm a physical movement reader, like the deaf lip reading but can hear, & would love to make money this way if possible. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are still quite primitive & I am feared a lot because of superstitious reasons, such as people think I can get into their brains and that's the only reason that I know what their thoughts are. The truth is that such a thing is impossible and if anything I can only garner info from external movements.

See me mind reading walking around Malaga in Spain on the following videos taken with a hidden camera. Each vid file has a text file so that you can quickly go to the events to the second.

Here's more of them from an earlier date again in Malaga and some from Gibraltar. I had not figured out how to set the time sequence you see in some of the footage at the time, so don't go by that.

Will do mind reading live through video or live in person for a negotiable fee payable at

For actual live video using Google services, please contact me on or or

You can click the button above to hire me. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

  • Work
    • Gibraltar Fine Arts Gallery
  • Education
    • Formally up to college level, have greatly self educated myself since