Andrew Lai

Production Engineer II and Blogger in Houston, Texas

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In the daytime, I work at Swift Energy as a Production Engineer II managing the Louisiana asset. At night, I play with my dogs, try out new cooking recipes, and catch up on TV shows. My other hobbies include planning vacations and parties, playing golf and basketball, blogging, traveling across the globe, and collecting superhero action figures.

Below are just a few highlights of my life that have made me who I am.

March 1989 - Born into a family of 5 including 3 big sisters

January 2006 - Published a book called "A Game by Golfer A. Lai"

July 2010 - Adopted my 1st dog, a beagle named Buster (aka the escape artist)

May 2011 - Graduated from UT-Austin with a BS in Petroleum Engineering

July 2011 - Began working full time as a Reservoir Engineer at Swift Energy

December 2011 - Met my fiancée at a Youth Leadership Council Speed Dating fundraiser

Summer 2012 - Began volunteering for the First Tee of Greater Houston program

December 2012 - Won my 2nd Golf Channel Amateur Tour event

March 2013 and 2014- Back to back winner of Biggest Loser Competition at work (lost 11.3% and 10.0% weight!)

August 2015 - Adopted my 2nd dog, a mini dachshund named Anna (aka the licker)

December 2015 - Granted Professional Engineer license in state of Texas

January 2016 - Started a blog focused on budgeting and saving money by unconventional means

Current - Production Engineer II by day, 90s TV show enthusiast by night

  • Work
    • Swift Energy Company
  • Education
    • University of Texas at Austin