Andrew Smirnov

Moscow, Moscow, Russia

I'm high skilled .net software developer C#: Web (MVC 3/4/5, web pages), Windows Forms (and Windows Controls), Windows Services, WCF Services, WPF, Silverlight, Console, Azure Cloud Services, Unit Test, Class libraries and Setup projects.

I'm experienced with working with TFS, and TFS-online (projects' creation, managing and administration, branching and merging, creation builds, synchronization with local TFS from online).

I worked using design patterns, multi threads programming, dynamic objects. I started to work with c# since MS Visual Studio 2005 (then I used '08, '10, '12, '13, '15 versions). In C# language I used actions, functions, delegates, generic types, regions, and operators: using, lock, async/await, lambda, etc.

Total experience more than 5 years for employers and plus more than 3 years studying and "for fun" projects. I'm completely in love with .net c#.