Andrew Srinarayan, B.Com, MBA

Business Growth Strategist and Certified High Performance Coach™ in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Andrew Srinarayan is a Business Growth Strategist and Certified High Performance Coach™ who creates solutions to “impossible” challenges. When he’s not helping teams get unstuck, you can find him meditating or perfecting his golf swing.

Always searching for the creative solution. Always enrolling and encouraging his team toward reaching their highest potential.

That’s Andrew.

When others might say “It can't be done” he finds a way to move the needle forward, which may have something to do with the amount of time he spends navigating impossible hazards on the golf course.

Andrew’s career has taken many ambitious turns, but his expertise lies in helping businesses that are “stuck.” His more than 25 years of success with Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and start-ups in Canada, India, Germany, the UAE and Oman—across the financial services, technology, energy and utilities, telecommunications, consumer goods, and logistics spaces, among many others—is reflected in the ideas and solutions he brings to the table.

You’d never catch Andrew operating from a place of all high-level strategy, all the time; instead, he’s the type that digs deep into the roots of challenges. Those who work with him understand his passion for coaching, his empathy as a leader, and his ability to execute visions to completion.

How does he it do it?

He starts by visualizing the end result and building the engagement of his teams, elevating every strategic marketing and business transformation project he lays hands on. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a certified “geek” and in the loop on the latest tools and technology that scaling businesses need.

A perfect day for Andrew would include an hour of Holosync meditation, a spicy Sichuan lunch, and playing a playful prank on his kids or a teammate. And it wouldn’t be complete without being walked by his black lab Shadow or hitting balls on the driving range.

  • Education
    • University of Leicester