Andrew Stewart

Fort Worth Texas

My name is Andrew Stewart IV, Im a 23 year old college student currently pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M of Prairie View Texas. I have been interested in bilding and creating things from a young age; my interest were sparked from my fathers old CAD and Architecture drafting programs and ever since then I have grown more interested in building, designing, innovating, and inventing.

Im currently in my Junior here at Prairie View A&M, I am slightly behind my expected graduation date with good reason; my origional majore industrial technologies Computer Aided Drafting and Design is no longer offered here so I switched to Mechanical Engineering my softmore year and havent looked back. I do not regret this decision at all. It is both a dream and following my father in his foot steps. I am excited to say after my first experience in the real world of engineering at Omaha Public Power District; Fort Calhoun Station I can still say that I love Engineering and all of the challanges and tasks that come with the job. My Co-op at Fort Calhoun Nuclear station has given me the opportunity to gain Government Clearences, knowledge of a unique industry that can also be used in many adjacent industries as well.

There is a lot more that can be said but I will conclude with this. Im very thankful for my position in life through many blessings and much hard word work from my parents and my self Im able to have the opportunity to change the world. Im now looking for my place to start working on my master plan.

And yes I do have a master plan; if you would like to know more of what that is please conact me at

Thank you and may Gob Bless you!

  • Work
    • Omaha Public Power District; Co-OP
  • Education
    • BSME