Andrew Waller

Architect, Consultant, and Designer in Melbourne, Australia

I take concepts and make them into systems that work for business.

I'm a hands-on IT Systems Architect and Integration Manager. At home I'm a dad with two now grown-up son's Tom and Ben. I'm English and moved to the wonderful city of Melbourne, Australia in 2007.

I've worked in Telecommunication and Merchant Banking projects most of my working life and have been lucky enough to be part of many exciting projects. I'm now looking for my next interesting opportunity.

More recently, I've designed, consulted on and implemented BSS and OSS solutions and managed BSS solution-integration from tens of vendors delivering hundreds of interfaces in 50-100 Million dollar projects. It's certainly been interesting.

My hands-on approach started as a kid with home electronics and moved into repairing micro and mini computers. I moved on to installing LAN and WAN networks, and then setting up forex and equities trading-rooms and software for banks and trading houses. I've worked in datacentres for data distribution and hosting, planning and signing off financial system installs and upgrades that handle billions of dollars of business.

These days I spend working on the backroom work of bringing disparate systems together from multiple vendors into working solutions.

What gets me out of bed in the morning, besides my Australian Shepherd dogs (thanks Milly and Poppy), is making people happy. To be working with smart and lively engaging colleagues, having business problems to solve - with technology, people and some well thought out processes - along with celebrating our successes with a nice fresh craft beer.