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Andrew Wang

New York, New York, United States

Born and raised in California, I have spent my recent years slowly venturing across the United States and, in the process, pursuing a career in law. Having finished three years at Northwestern Law, I now practice as an attorney in New York City.

Before law school, I flew between Texas and California every week to teach students how to best the Law School Admissions Test. My time at TestMasters did more than give me a sense of just how hot weather can really be--I had the chance to teach and learn from people and enjoy the most incredible moist brisket barbecue.

As an undergrad, I worked as a student consultant for an organization called The Berkeley Group, which provided strategy consulting services to nonprofit organizations. In 12-15 week project timelines, I led teams to advise the executive managements of Bay Area nonprofits on their marketing, human capital, and expansion strategies.

These days, I enjoy playing basketball with friends, making music at home, and perfecting my chili recipes. Originally a marathon-er, I more recently tag-teamed to finish the 2012 Tri-State, 2013 New England, and 2014 Los Angeles Tough Mudder events. I bring my California, sandal wearing habits everywhere I go, and I have a metabolism that cannot stop.

  • Education
    • University of California, Berkeley
    • Northwestern University School of Law