Andrew WC

Planet Earth

Who are you?

(At the time I make this autobiography) I am an autodidact in the arts and politics.

I have wide knowledge of film history. I also study rock history and current events, and I have a self-compiled list of over 500 literary works, spanning from antiquity to modern times, which I plan to read. I plan to one day watch many of the most revered television series as well.

- Where do you get your news?

Whether the bias is liberal or conservative, I generally do not like the mainstream media. StormCloudsGathering/ are probably among the best of all news sources. While somewhat opinionated, they certainly share more about police militarization, the NDAA, the drone strikes program, government corruption, etc. than mainstream news channels.

- What do you think of Edward Snowden?

I view the man as a hero, along with Bradley Manning.

Are you liberal or conservative?

The scarcity of good presidents in U.S. history presents me with difficulty in applying either the "Democrat" or "Republican" label to myself. To my mind there has not been a single great president in the past 50 years.

- What are some films you'd recommend?

I maintain a list of the films I most admire, and write general articles on subjects of interest, on my blog: As a matter of fact, my main reason for having written this bio is its having been recommended in the " widget" for Wordpress.

Have you ever been out of the country?

I have been to Paris, France three times; it is a beautiful city. On one of these three trips, I took the English Channel to London (and have, thus, traveled to the United Kingdom as well). I suppose my trip to Santa Fe is also worth mentioning, its being within the U.S. aside.

What changes do you wish to see in the world?

More creativity and teaching of current events in schools. Wars on poverty and less wars on the poor. A greater appreciation of international music in rock criticism. Less prioritization by movie studios of mere box-office earnings.

  • Education
    • American public school system