Andrew Yeh

I try to be very involved with the API community because this is where my passion is, I want to create a network of Asian Americans so that we can use as many resources, infrastructures and people as we possibly can. I have been involved with the API community since I was in high school, I had went through a API leader summer retreat and I continued on with my education and the development I learn. I didn't get super involved with higher education until I came back from the Army and I was involved with ASA, VSA, SASA, and several other AAPI student groups, but I was also involved with international groups as well. I am a student adovacate at UCD in the office of Asian Student Services, so I bring awareness of culture and increase student involvement on campus. I am the diversity event senator in the SGA office at UCD. I have personally planned and hosted several large events with over 300 attendees through the name of ASA. I created an organization to create an event that emphasizes API culture on our campus called Collaboration of Asian Students now changed to Colorado Asian Pacific American Student Alliance. It was similar to an umbrella organization for API. The idea behind it was similar to Kollaboration empowerment through entertainment but before I knew about it.