Andrew Dixon-Hughes

Director, Cyber Security Advisor, and Business Systems Consultant in Asquith, Australia

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I love educating and helping people.

To that end I saw the need to educate business owners on how to protect their Digital Assets (their Interlectual Property) from theft or loss. They work hard to build a business and all that can be lost in a single mouse click!!

In my masters thesis paper I researched the lack of Situational Awareness to Cyber Threats and found Australian business coming up very short in this area. As such Australians appear at the top of the lists for Crypto Locker attacks and data theft as we are viewed as "Fat Cats" when compared to global wealth.

This has to change.

Business owners need to take ownership of this space to protect their assets on behalf of shareholders. I help them do this through education.

  • Work
    • Axial Networks
  • Education
    • Charles Sturt University
    • University of Sydney Business School